How's That Foot Taste Sean?

I was making my usual rounds around the FanSided network this morning and I happened to stumble upon an interesting article on Rum Bunter concerning some rather harsh words Nationals reliever and ex-Pirate Sean Burnett had to say about his former team.  I won’t go into too much detail about what was said, I’ll let you check out Rum Bunter for that, but I am going to say a few things. 

First thing, since when does a guy like Burnett, who’s been effective in a limited role in Washington, have the nerve to get vocal in the media.  It’s not like this guy is a bitter former star who was moved past his prime.  This is a guy who most people outside of Pittsburgh and Washington even know exists.  Maybe he decided to live by the Chad OchoCinco philosophy that seeing your name in the headlines means you’re important.  All I know is last I checked, Washington was the team in dead last place in the National League and to call any other team the “laughing stock in all of baseball” is ridiculous.  Let’s hope that this bulletin board material doesn’t fire up the Pirates too much to where we can’t even compete.

Second of all, going back to that laughing stock in all of baseball comment, who’s been laughing?  Pirates GM Neal Huntington has done an amazing job as of late in getting exciting young talent that team can build around at the expense of aging veterans who don’t even want to stay with the club.  Did Sean Burnett expect this team to turn things around in the second half and make an impossible climb to the top of the NL Central?  While you may not like to see it when a team goes into full firesale mode, you can’t argue with what they have received in return.  And just to further illustrate that this firesale may not be the end of the world, I want to you to look back at the Florida Marlins and how quickly they rebounded.

Go here to see the article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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