Nothing to Say

Sorry for the lack of updates over the past few days but really, nothing worthwhile has happened.  I try to avoid simply rehashing box scores and game recaps because honestly, you can get that from ESPN.  It’s a waste of my time and yours.  Especially when the team has been playing as badly as they have been this week.  After being labeled the hottest team in baseball for winning eight games in a row in part to hot hitting and strong bullpen performances, the Nationals got the day off and seemingly forgot how to play baseball.  They went into Atlanta and got swept in their two game series when John Lannan couldn’t throw strikes in the first game and Craig Stammen and the bullpen couldn’t keep the ball in the park in game two. 

Would things get better with a change in scenery on our trip to Cincinatti?  Well, 6 innings into the first game it doesn’t appear that they will.  The Nationals surrendered their second three home run performance of the season by serving it up to Jonny Gomes three times already.  The sad thing is he’ll likely get two more at bats this game and who knows what will happen.  The Nationals need to dig deep and remember what they were doing last week because we’re falling apart again.

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