We Finally Have a GM

After spending the entire 2009 without an official GM, the Nationals finally decided to make the right move and named acting GM Mike Rizzo the full time General Manager today.  In my opinion it’s a great move as Rizzo has made some solid moves towards making the Nationals a much better team.  In his six months as the acting GM he managed to fix the mess in the bullpen, acquire dynamic centerfielder Nyjer Morgan, and seemingly pull off the impossible by getting Stephen Strasburg to sign for less than 20 million dollars.  That right there should get him the National League Executive of the Year in my opinion.  It’s especially comforting considering we will likely be in a similar situation with high school/junior college phenom Bryce Harper.  Hopefully Rizzo is able to keep steering this team in the right direction and the Nationals can make a Tampa Bay-like turnaround in the near future.

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