The Dark Lord Boras Opens His Fat Mouth

With the MLB Draft coming this Monday, it’s time for Scott Boras to begin his posturing and begin throwing demands out to the clubs that have made him rich. Speaking with SI’s Tom Verducci about presumptive Nationals 1st round choice Bryce Harper, Boras had this to say…..

“No baseball person in his right mind will have the guy catch.”

O RLY? Wheres he going to play then Boras? 3rd base? We got that one covered. 1st? Waste of Harpers athletic gifts. Is he going to play 2nd like some sort of mutant Dan Uggla? I would argue that while catching will keep him in the minors longer, and may cause him to miss some games…. wouldn’t it be where his bat stands out even more? Isn’t that the reason Joe Mauer got his 8 year 184million$ extension. Stat wise at any other position Mauer is an All-Star…but not special. His best year statistically (2009) is about equal with the best season of someone like John Olerud(1993). Now Olerud was a great player…. but hes not going into the Hall of Fame, the place where alot of people have already put Harper.

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