Atilano,Stammen Pitching for Spots in the Rotation

With Stephen Strasburg coming up Tuesday, Scott Olson coming back in a few weeks, and Chien-Ming Wang about a month away, change in the rotation is going to be inevitable. The 1st change is coming Monday night when someone will have to be sent down to make room for Strasburg.  As you look through the staff the 3 options are J.D. Martin (2 solid starts thus far), Luis Atilano (Some how 5-1 despite a 4.70 ERA; starting Saturday), or Craig Stammen (1-2 5.88 ERA; starting Sunday). My hope is Stammen gets sent down. He’s had plenty of chances and he hasn’t proven he can keep the team in the game with any consistency. With the Savior coming theres no reason for him to continue getting beat-up in the Majors.

Tags: Possible Moves Washington Nationals

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