The 25 Man Run Down- BURN EVERYTHING

Every week, in an attempt to figure whose headed up and who could be headed down, I’ll give my ranking of the Nationals major league roster.

”Best Pitcher Ever”

1. Stephen Strasburg- His 1st real test comes tomorrow night in Atlanta.

”The Undisputed Middle of The Order”

2. Ryan Zimmerman- Almost out of his slump, the power will come soon.

3. Josh Willingham- Hitting .391 over the last week.

4. Adam Dunn- Is slumping, but still scares the crap out of other teams.

”They Belong in The Lineup”

5. Nyjer Morgan- Made the play of the year on Friday night, is hitting .350 over the last week.


7. Cristian Guzman- Boringly consistent.

8. Roger Bernadina- A superior athlete who has a clue at the plate. I’d be fine with a Bernadina/Morse platoon.

9. Pudge Rodriguez- He’ll wear down eventually, I just hope its not for awhile.

10. Livan Hernandez- Is lucky to be on the only team major league team where a 6 inning outing is a major accomplishment.

”Excellent Building Blocks”

11. Doug Slaten- He doesn’t scare lefties but he gets them out.

12. Drew Storen- Has come down to earth a little but has done to lose the Closer of the future tag.

13. Tyler Clippard- Despite an awful night on Friday, has still been very good.

14. Ian Desmond- He’s struggling at the plate and in the field but hes got a ton of potential.

”Solid Major Leaguers”

15. Matt Capps- He’s still the closer, but Capps is also the most tradeable asset.

16. J.D. Martin- Does an OK job everytime out, still hasn’t lucked into a win.

17. Tyler Walker- Has been doing a great job when given the ball.

18. Sean Burnett- Pitching MUCH better as of late, seems to be finding his role as the 2nd lefty.

19. Miguel Batista- Fills in the holes left by our crappy starters

20. Luis Atilano- This is being hopeful, but he seems to be getting it.

”The Fringe”

21. Alberto Gonzalez- He can’t hit but he can field it. A Luis Sojo clone.

22. Joel Peralta- Haven’t seen enough to form an opinion, with the need for a Starter he could be sent down Tuesday.

”Welcome to the Suck”

23. Willie Harris- OH HES FAST WHOOPEE!

24. Wil Nieves- Atleast he’s not playing much.

” The Bane of my Effing Existence”

25. Adam Kennedy- I wish nothing but terrible things for him and his loved ones.

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