Urge to Slit My Wrists- Rising

This is getting a little ridiculous.  Ian Desmond isn’t cutting it at short, Nyjer Morgan isn’t cutting it at the plate, and the pen hasn’t exactly settled things down either. Heres an idea Mike Rizzo-  demote Desmond, strap Morgans ass to the bench, slide Bernadina over to Center, and for the love of god PLAY MIKE MORSE EVERY F—ING DAY! Call up the best hitter you’ve got from AAA and hope a hot hand emerges at 2nd.  Guh. Some light roster news before I get myself fully tied to this ceiling fan-

– Tyler Walker has ”shoulder fatigue” and his headed to the DL.

– Craig Stammen will be called up to start on Tuesday in Atlanta and its expected he will be taking Walkers spot on the roster.

Tags: Washington Nationals

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