Spring is upon us, but is it too soon? Strasburg's first pitches (Video)

It was a hot August night (no Neil Diamond puns here please) when we all saw the grusome cringe on Stephen Strausburg’s face after releasing a pitch that led to his season-ending injury.

Initial reports from that day told us that Strasburg wanted to stay in the game:

“He wanted to stay in the game,” said Riggleman, who added he would have pulled anyone else on his staff other than veterans Livan Hernandez or Miguel Batista. “After the initial feeling that he felt, by the time we got out there, he said, ‘I feel good. I don’t even feel anything. Let me keep pitching.’ We just didn’t choose to do that.”

Instead, a litany of tests ended up with him scheduling Tommy John surgery and up to a year on the shelf.  So much for the phenom.

However this video just surfaced.  It is of the pitcher in Florida for spring training, and guess who is in the mix?


Stevie himself!!

So I ask this question…is it too early?

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