Cuts loomin, but Bryce Harper may not be one of them

Don’t get too excited, or repulsed.  This means nothing at this time, but Bryce Harper may make it through the first round of cuts the Nationals are set to make.

Adam Kilgore reports:

The Nationals will make their next round of cuts official later today, and when they do Bryce Harper will remain in major-league camp, according to a team source.

Harper’s staying with the Nationals does not indicate an improvement to his chances to make the major league team out of spring training, which remain null. But the Nationals comfort with him staying in major league camp reiterates what a remarkable transition Harper has made for a player his age.

My $.02, the organization would want more looks at him with the big boys.  To see how he holds up.  This is all a part of his development and in due time he will be sent to the minors so he can continue taking his lumps there.

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