Three things I am looking for in today's opener between the Nationals and the Braves

Today looks more like a day leading up to a Redskins game rather than a Washington Nationals game, but its March 31st and its time to play ball.  This team has done some work in spring training, and with a re-tooled roster many are expecting this team to get its act together.  Win the division? No.  But improve no doubt.  On the Sports Junkies this morning, on 106.7 the Fan, Mitch Williams of the MLB Network picked the Nats to finish third in the NL East.

So as we eagerly anticipate the first pitch here are three things I want to see from this team today.

1. I want to see Livan Hernandez get early command and at least six innings. Hernandez has a career average of 4.39.  For the Nats to get on a quick roll, he needs to keep his runs down under three today.

2. Get on base early and often. Last year, Nyjer Morgan was thought to be “that guy” who would be their man on with a chance for more.   It looks like Ian Desmond will fill that role this season, so he needs to have a good at-bats to get this club going.

3.Play solid defense. No gaffes, no miscommunications – especially in the outfield.   With a new look outfield of Rick Ankiel, Michael Morse, and Jason Werth- communication is key.

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