Postseason baseball is just fine without Yankees

There is this stupid theory about postseason baseball not being the same without the Yankees. Folks will talk about how the ratings will be low without the presence of that team.

This is nothing more than the Yankees fans trying to cope  with another disappointing season by their underachieving team. They have to feel good about themselves by degrading other teams. It says more about them as fans and people for them to do this.

There’s no question postseason games won’t draw 15 million in television ratings. That’s fine.  Baseball should be about the true fans, not the casual fans who watch it since it’s cool.

Yankees fans are boycotting the rest of the playoffs, which is why ratings could be affected with New York being an influence. That’s too bad. By not watching the rest of the postseason, it exposes them as nothing more than fans who root for the Yankees since it’s a cool thing to do. This shows they are not even a fan of the game. They should be embarrassed.

They are missing out what have been a great American League Championship Series and National Championship Series.

The Rangers and the Tigers have played four great games in the ALCS so far. All of four games could have gone either way. The games have been tight in the latter stage of the game. It came down to Rangers getting key hits late while the Tigers stranded men on base, which is why the Rangers have a 3-1 series lead over the Tigers.

The Cardinals and the Brewers have no use for each other, which is what makes the NLCS exciting. This started with Nyjer Morgan mouthing off on the Brewers in the regular season, and Chris Carpenter responded by screaming obscenities at the Brewers outfielder. Plus, both teams plunked each other several times this year.

So far, both teams have been hitting the ball well. The Cardinals have a 2-1 series lead, but this series is long from over. This has a making of a seven game series. Both teams can hit, and they can pitch, too.

Based on reading the Twitter timeline, it seems most fans in the country are watching both series. There have been many comments on the ALCS and the NLCS on Twitter. This shows people are paying attention to it.

It’s a good thing baseball fans around the country are into this series. If they can’t get into it, they won’t appreciate baseball. Playoff baseball should be about great pitching and who knows how to step up at the right moment. That’s what the ALCS and NLCS have been all about.

People should admire what the Rangers, Brewers, Cardinals and the Tigers have done. Not only have they won with a modest budget, but they do it by drafting players and developing that well. What a refreshing concept!

The Yankees should pay attention to what those four teams are doing. It seems like they are doing that finally by producing current homegrown players such as Ivan Nova, Austin Romine, Jesus Montero and Robinson Cano. Still, they are always going to spend money of getting any free agents, and that’s not the way to go. It may have gotten them a championship in 2009, but it does not result to long-term success.

Unlike the Yankees, the Rangers, Brewers, Cardinals and the Tigers are fun to watch. They don’t take long at-bats. They don’t perform gamesmanship. They don’t feature a manager that changes pitchers often in an inning the way Yankees manager Joe Girardi does for his team.

Those four remaining playoff teams have fun. They don’t have robotic personalities. They don’t take themselves too seriously.  They know baseball should be a kid’s game. Folks pick up on this type of attitude, and that’s what makes any of the four teams likable.

Yankees fans apparently don’t appreciate what those four teams offer for reasons unknown. That’s their problem.

It’s great to enjoy postseason baseball for what it is. It should be about being entertained at this time of the year

The Yankees don’t provide that. They are the type of organization people like to root against.  There is nothing to like about them. It’s not the way to enjoy baseball, and that’s why I didn’t shed a tear about the Yankees being eliminated last week.

It’s been great not to watch October baseball without being miserable, and apparently, America feels the same way based on solid ratings so far in the ALCS and the NLCS. Who needs the Yankees?



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