Adam Dunn's Historically Poor Season

There seemed to be mixed feelings from Nationals fans last December, when the Chicago White Sox signed Adam Dunn to a four year, $56 Million contract. Some fans knew that despite his power production at the plate he was a defensive liability. He wasn’t a good fit for the team anymore. Others simply assumed he was as good as gone because the team wasn’t yet prepared to spend that much of their payroll on a single player.

Dunn’s signing, of course, came just three days prior to the signing of Jayson Werth‘s seven year, $126 Million contract. So that became a non-factor it would seem.

In 496 plate appearances in the 2011 season he batted just .159. As if that wasn’t bad enough for a full time designated hitter, he also struck out 177 times.

This was only the second time in MLB history that a player with more than 35 plate appearances had a higher strikeout total than batting average. The first was Mark Reynolds in 2010 (211 strikeouts, .198 batting average).

Any Nationals fans still miss him?

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