Free Agency Arrives

Now that the 2011 season has officially come to a close, it’s time for the offseason to formally begin. Players have begun filing for free agency and team’s have been announcing decisions with regards to player options for much of the past two days. The Nationals don’t have any option considerations this year, but do have 8 players who filed for free agency. They include:

According to reports, the Nationals and Wang have already started negotiations about a deal that will bring the right-hander back to Washington for at least one more season. There have been rumblings that the team also has varying levels interest in bringing back Cora, Ankiel, and Gomes under the right circumstances. There is a small chance that Rodriguez will return as well. It doesn’t seem likely that any of the remaining names will appear on the Nationals 2012 roster.

Update (11/2/11): Brian Bixler was originally listed above as a free agent. However, he is not a free agent and actually falls under pre-arbitration team control due to his limited career service time totals.

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