Rumor Roundup: Buerhle, Center Field Options, Mets, Marlins, Phillies

It seems worthwhile to check in on the free agent rumors that have been swirling the past few days, particularly the ones that affect the Nationals and their NL East competition. Many of these are updates with regards to players we’ve looked at here at DoD a little more in depth, while there will also be some new names that we’ve yet to discuss. Remember, take these with a grain of salt, rumors can often disappoint in the end.

  • Mark Buerhle has no intentions of giving the Chicago White Sox a “hometown discount” of any sorts. ESPN’s Jayson Stark hears from sources that believe that he is the main target for the Nationals at this point in time, more so than either C.J. Wilson or Roy Oswalt.
  • The Nationals continue to be a “possible destination” for many free agent center fielders. In particular, the names of Grady Sizemore, Japanese outfielder Norichika Aoki (who reportedly will be posted this winter), Cuban defector Yoenes Cespedes (who could be looking at a contract bigger than the one Aroldis Chapman received from the Reds two winters ago) have dominated the headlines.
  • There has also been renewed speculation by former GM Jim Bowden that the Nats and Twins “match up perfectly” for a deal.
  • The Mets may need to seriously consider dealing David Wright sooner rather than later. As Tyler Kepner writes for the New York Times, the team may not be ready to be competitive again until after Wright is already gone (via free agency) so it could be the wiser choice to deal him now in the hopes that they can maximize their return and compete again sooner. Considering the free agent options for third base, the market would be rather flush if Wright were to be made available.
  • The Marlins have been linked to Jose Reyes of late, which has caused people to wonder what the fate of Hanley Ramirez would then be. It would seem that the Marlins would likely use Ramirez at third base, rather than moving him to center field as has been speculated for years.
  • Just two days ago word leaked that the Phillies and Ryan Madson had agreed on a four year, $44 Million contract to keep the closer in Philadelphia. Yesterday, Phillies GM Ruben Amaro characterized those reports as “unequivocally false” and stated that no agreement was in place. Numerous outlets are already reporting that the team prefers Jonathan Papelbon to Madson. Once again, an example of why we have to be careful with rumors.

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