DoD and Baseball Digest

I grew up reading Baseball Digest magazines, back before the publication turned into an online venture rather than something you could buy nearly everywhere. I think my parents saw the fact that I was at least reading something, so they willingly supported the habit not knowing how strong my love for the game of baseball would grow. Ever since I began writing about the sport online a few years ago I’ve been fortunate to meet numerous like-minded people with whom I’ve developed friendships with. That is ultimately what brought me to FanSided and here, at DoD. And now, I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity thanks to another of those relationships to bring DoD and Baseball Digest together through a series of guest posts.

There will be three posts in total (for now) that will appear on Baseball Digest between now and the start of Spring Training. The first – a report card type look at the 2011 season – is up on the site now. Give it a read and feel free to leave a comment on whether you agree or disagree on the grades handed out.

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