Did you know DoD is on Twitter and Facebook?

It’s fair to say that we’d all agree, social media has not only taken over our lives in some way, but also changed them dramatically. But, despite that revelation it’s something that we’ve all become so accustomed to, we likely would find it to be a difficult adjustment to live without. Both Twitter and Facebook are ways that we, here at both FanSided and DoD, try to stay connected with our readers while attracting new followers. So, it seemed like a good idea to remind/inform how you can reach us, the DoD staff.

We’re all on Twitter and can be followed here:

And we also have a DoD Facebook page, which can be found here:

Links to each and every article we publish appear in both places to let you know when new material is ready for you to read. As always, feel free to comment and interact with any of us on either platform. Plus, there’s usually something entertaining that one of us will say on Twitter.

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