ESPN Schedules Two Sunday Night Nationals Games

ESPN has announced the bulk of their schedule for this season’s slate of Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts. There are a few gaps in the schedule, as certain dates – namely June 3 to July 1 and July 22 to the end of the season – will not be announced until three weeks in advance. It would seem they’ve taken to the NFL’s flexible schedule system – where late in the season games can be moved until later in the day Sunday to maximize the potential national television audience.

The Nationals have at least two games scheduled to appear on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball – a certain plus for those like me who don’t live in the area and can’t watch games on tv on a regular basis. The first of the two matchups will be May 6, home against the Philadelphia Phillies. The second is later that month, May 27 at the Atlanta Braves.

As Mark Zuckerman points out, since the Nationals came into existence in 2005 they have only appeared on the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball broadcast a total of three times – one of which being the very first game played at Nationals Park in March 2008.

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