Nationals to Introduce Gio Gonzalez Tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon, roughly around 3:30 PM EST, the Washington Nationals will hold a formal press conference. No, they won’t be introducing Prince Fielder (we’ll have some more direct thoughts on his signing with Detroit a little later), but rather the organization will finally introduce Gio Gonzalez to the Washington fans and media. Yes, that’s the same Gio Gonzalez who the organization acquired just over a month ago in a blockbuster trade with the Oakland A’s.

The deal was completed just prior to Christmas and the Nationals’ front office was closed for the holidays (as most team’s front offices are). A press conference could have been scheduled just after the beginning of the new calendar year, but the team preferred to address his uncertain contract situation (Gonzalez would have headed to arbitration had a deal not been reached) first. In effect, they waited and will hold one press conference instead of two. We’ll bring additional details of anything relevant that is said/asked/etc. during tomorrow’s press conference.

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