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One of the goals that we have here at DoD is to become one of the top resources for Washington Nationals news and analysis around. We’ve assembled a great team of writers to bring you our thoughts on the team. But, being a part of the FanSided Network gives us an outlet to other team’s writers who will, of course, have thoughts on their competition. An opposing opinion always has some degree of value – regardless whether we agree or disagree with it. However, considering there are some very talented writers that we are fortunate enough to consider colleagues and friends here at FanSided, we’re going to start sharing some more of their work when that work is about the Nationals. We’ll see how frequently this series will appear on the site. That likely largely depends on how frequently our colleagues put out worthy Nationals related content.

To most Nationals fans, the two biggest pieces of news this week likely were either Prince Fielder‘s decision to take his talents to Detroit (can we officially agree that joke is now used too much?) or the details being released regarding Gio Gonzalez‘s contract extension and his subsequent introduction to Washington. While both were rightfully significant stories, the team did end up making another move to continue building a competitive roster when they agreed to sign Brad Lidge to a one year, $1 Million contract.

While to a degree the Lidge signing seems to have flown under the radar, we do have some thoughts on the veteran right-hander worth sharing from around FanSided. Leading off, Joe Soriano over at Call to the Pen took a look at the impact a veteran of Lidge’s caliber may prove to be in the middle of the Nationals’ bullpen. A key part of his writing, Joe states that despite the injury history, Lidge can still strike batters out which is where his value may come during the high-leverage innings.

Meanwhile, John Stolnis at That Ball’s Outta Here (our Philadelphia Phillies partners) views the signing from the Phillies’ perspective, considering that was Lidge’s former team. Once again the injury history is an obvious concern but more importantly, John believes Lidge only has one true pitch remaining and hopes that his Phillies head his advice when the two teams face each other this season.

Finally, heading back to CttP (our General Baseball site, so to speak), Lew Freedman briefly examined the history of baseball in Washington. In short, the association has always been a poor one with little hope and fewer expectations. Twice the city has seen franchises move away to presumably greener pastures. Yet, here we sit, nearing the 2012 season and for the first time since Walter Johnson stood on the mound for the Senators there is reason to believe again in Washington.

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