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As quickly as the blogging community is growing, we’re continually seeking out new methods to bring information and discussion to our respective audiences. It’s no surprise that podcasts have become one of the fastest growing mediums that blogs like this one use. With that in mind, we’ve reached a tentative agreement with Brian Sullivan of to do a weekly (or perhaps bi-weekly) podcast about the Washington Nationals as the 2012 season progresses. Brian’s done similar shows with other FanSided sites, such as Rays Colored Glasses (our Tampa Bay Rays partners).

Last Thursday Brian and I recorded the first episode, which you can listen to here. We discussed the team’s offseason, the team’s prospect depth beyond Bryce Harper, and some early thoughts on Spring Training.

Keep in mind this was our first run-through with Brian, so the show may still need a tweak here or there. While a schedule hasn’t quite been worked out yet, it’s safe to say we’ll find a way to get the entire staff here at DoD involved so that you can get perspectives from each of on the season, the team, and the future of the organization. Feel free to pass along any comments, questions, or other feedback to us via email.

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