June 10, 2012; Boston, MA, USA; Washington Nationals left fielder Roger Bernadina (2) leaves the batter

Nationals Top 10 Hits of 2012: #10 Roger Bernadina

There were a lot of big hits this year for the Washington Nationals and there were a lot of big wins. This list is sorted by WPA which is Win Probability Added. It means that Jayson Werth‘s walk-off homerun in Game Four of the NLDS is not in the Top 10 because it was a tie game in the bottom of the inning meaning the swing of WPA was not big enough. This list is for games where Washington went from a low chance of winning to a high chance.

So we begin our list with Number 10.

Roger Bernadina: June 10 @ Boston

The situation: 3-3, Top 9. Runner on 1st base
Pitcher: Alfredo Aceves

The result: +0.40
Bernadina hit a pitch to right field off of Aceves and Bryce Harper rounded around the bases to score the go-ahead run. It also turned out to be the winning run as Tyler Clippard shut the door for his eighth save of the season.

Bernadina, in reality, should have been called out on the previous pitch. The fastball from Aceves was called a ball inside, but the Pitch F/X shows that the ball was on the plate and in the strike zone. It was another blow to the Red Sox season and a boon to the Nationals who were putting together a run to the playoffs.

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