July 17, 2012; Washington, D.C., USA; Washington Nationals center fielder Bryce Harper (34) slides under New York Mets third baseman David Wright (5) after hitting a triple in the tenth inning at Nationals Park. The Nationals defeated the Mets 5 - 4 in 10 innings. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Nationals Top 10 Hits of 2012: #3 Bryce Harper

There were a lot of big hits this year for the Washington Nationals and there were a lot of big wins. This list is sorted by WPA which is Win Probability Added. It means that Jayson Werth‘s walk-off homerun in Game Four of the NLDS is not in the Top 10 because it was a tie game in the bottom of the inning meaning the swing of WPA was not big enough. This list is for games where Washington went from a low chance of winning to a high chance.

Next up is Number 3.

Bryce Harper: July 17 vs New York

The situation: 4-3 Mets, Bottom 10, Runner on 2nd
Pitcher: Tim Byrdak

The result: +0.55

Harper’s triple was one of those big swings in what was the craziest Nationals game of the season and the second hit from this game to make the countdown. Harper was stranded at third, the Mets scored in the top of the 11th and then scored twice in the bottom of the inning to win the game.

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