Oct 12, 2012; Washington, DC, USA; Washington Nationals center fielder Bryce Harper (34) heads to third after hitting a one-run RBI triple in the first inning of game five of the 2012 NLDS against the St. Louis Cardinals at Nationals Park. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Review of the Bryce Harper Under Armour Commercial

There have been a lot of mixed reviews on the new Bryce Harper Under Armour commercial. Most them focus on the blacklight gym power cleaning sequence. Personally, I think the commercial is pretty awesome and I have watched it about 100 times. Below is a second-by-second rundown of why I find this commercial so fascinating.

0:02: “I don’t have ‘gears.’ I play one way. That’s all I’ve ever known.” -Bryce
Awesome quote, is that in Bartlett’s yet? Doesn’t look like it. That needed to change yesterday.

0:12: One of Bryce’s hobbies must be cutting off sleeves. Sleeveless hoodie with a long sleeve shirt underneath. Is that a thing? I hope this extra sleeve fabric is going to a good cause.

0:16: No idea what this exercise is called, but I am going to try it at the gym. Most likely result is blowing out my shoulder. Looks like the sleeves on his green shirt were trimmed to about old school Roger Maris length.

0:21: Will Nats fans see Bryce in gold spikes this year? Seems fitting for the 2010 winner of the Golden Spikes Award.

0:23: It’s been a long walk to batting practice. Are they coming from centerfield?

0:25: Tron gym = awesome. This is seems like the next logical step in state-of-art from Ivan Drago’s facilities. Minus the loads of steroids and communism.

0:29: Still walking…..

0:31: Monkey bar pull-ups look a little awkward. I haven’t seen monkey bars since elementary school. I thought they were all torn down for safety reasons. None of my best playground memories involve monkey bars. They really belong in gyms with responsible adults.

0:36: Bryce running is one of the most compelling runners I have ever seen. It is animalistic and primal. Gives Tom Cruise a run for his money.

0:40: Never thought soft toss could be so dramatic.

0:53: Got to rest up to hit some dingers.

1:03: Crushed it.

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