Check It Out: DC Skyline Socks!

These are the kinds of posts we have during the All-Star break. As wary as you may be, trust me: this is worth your time.

One of the coolest new startups in DC, and specifically within sports, is Will Simon’s LINEDWEAR. This awesome small business is a labor of love by a big DC sports fan, making a product you wouldn’t expect: socks with the DC skyline in DC team colors.

The socks currently exist in four color schemes: the burgundy and gold of the Redskins, the grey and blue of Georgetown, and two different red, white, and blue styles. Neither of these are bound to any particular team, and the two of them represent the Wizards, Capitals, and Nationals. Even if you only like the Nats, LINEDWEAR still has two awesome DC socks for you, with 16 (?!?) more styles forthcoming.

In addition to being ridiculously stylish and cool, these socks are pretty high end. They’re a mix of multiple materials to keep your feed dry during exercise, and are specifically designated for your left and right foot with arch support and foot padding. These are the Bryce Harper’s car of socks.

If you’re interested in getting some of these, then I have some great news for you. The best way to get in on these is through LINEDWEAR’s Kickstarter page. Every bit of information you could want is there, so read up. $15 will get you a pair, $25 gets you two, and more yields more from there. If you’re feeling extremely generous, it looks like $1,000 buys something like part ownership of the company. If these socks take off, and it’s looking like they might, that’d be a pretty great investment. If you want to wait for these socks, LINEDWEAR recently announced that the socks will be available in Nationals team stores in two weeks. I don’t think shares of the company will be available there, however, so the Kickstarter seems like the way to go.

These socks are a must have for the DC sports fan. It’s not every day you get to get in on the ground floor of an up-and-coming fashion movement like this, so don’t hesitate to take advantage.

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