Washington Nationals baseball

The baseball close season is a real drag for fans of the sport, and the thought that there is nearly six months to go until the MLB action resumes will be making that worse. Those who also get their kicks from baseball betting will not be finding things quite as slow going though, because the bookies release odds for the next season almost the minute the World Series has been won. This makes it possible to place outright bets far ahead of the season, although the risks in that strategy are obvious, but gambling on the Washington Nationals is definitely one of the lower risk picks to make.

The Nationals are on 8/1 for the National League in 2013/14, not far behind hot favorites the Dodgers (3/1) and the Cardinals (4/1). Thus they will inevitably be one of the sides drawing considerable betting interest, as they will for the World Series as well – where you can get best odds of 16/1 on them. None of this takes into account just how much can change before the games begin though, as no one can be certain just who will be in the Nationals side next year yet. That is why selecting a casino slot game themed on baseball instead is a the smart pick right now, as you will still be able to make outright bets once issues like this have been clarified.

Choosing which one of these games to devote the close season too is another matter altogether of course, although Hot Shot seems to be the first port of call for most baseball and casino fans. The great thing about this slot and others like it is that www.mobileslots.net and mobile casino pages like it have made these games much easier to access on the move now. The days of needing to be close to a computer to play are long gone, and you can even try out for a jackpot like the $2000 Hot Shot one while you are on the bus, or during your lunch break. Wherever and whenever you opt to play them, average minimum wagers of $0.01 per line mean that even if you are no high roller, you can play them for a virtually unlimited period of time.

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