Washington Nationals: Who Was The Best?

We have completed our 2013 Washington Nationals Reviews and we are a month closer to Spring Training. December can be a very boring month or a very exciting one, depending on how the Winter Meetings go. As we look back one last time on the 2013 season, that didn’t turn out the way we wanted, we want your opinion on one last thing.

Who was the best National in 2013?

This could be anyone from Jordan Zimmermann to Ian Desmond. Go back and take a look at each of the player reviews we have done and make a decision on who you think had the best overall 2013 season. You can read each and every review here.

Once you have decided on your choice, let us know in the comment section below. Name the player and a little bit of why you chose that certain player. We will tally up the results and let you know who the winner is in a future post.

Welcome to December everyone, we are one month closer to baseball games counting again!

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