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Ryan Zimmerman Staying at Third Base

Last season was a struggle for Ryan Zimmerman defensively. An arm injury really put his arm angle out of wack and balls were flying all over the field from third base. It is something that he is going to have to get used to as his 6 year $100 Million contract begins this season for the Nats.

Mike Rizzo has put faith in him to figure it out. When it comes to Zimmerman moving over to first base he said this…

“Like I’ve said all along, if someone is better than me, I’ll move,” - Ryan Zimmerman

Well is Anthony Rendon better than Ryan Zimmerman at third base? I doubt it. In 15 games last season at third base Rendon made five errors. Not a very good ratio.

If the Nationals want any chance of getting Robinson Cano they are going to have to make the move. Adam LaRoche will have to be traded elsewhere with the Nationals taking most of the contract.

I don’t see any of this happening as I don’t believe Rizzo wants to spend that kind of money when he has players already on the roster he needs to lock up to long term deals.

Zimmerman should be able to figure out his issue, he is a veteran. No matter what the issue it takes time for people in general to adjust, so we as fans have to give him time to do that. Spring Training and the month of April should be plenty of time to do so. If things are still going down hill then, then a change needs to be thought about. Until then, Rizzo is making the right decision of leaving Zimmerman at third base.

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