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Is it just me or is baseball season taking its precious time getting here? The anticipation is starting to eat at me and we still have 40 days until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training. The Nationals haven’t made a major move in three weeks and all you can do is hope that it will be enough. The good news? We can all imagine how great of a season it is going to be and how the Washington Nationals will win 100 games and coast to a National League East Championship. Until then, here are some links and news from around the world wide web.

Call to the Pen: What Should we Expect from Bryce Harper?

ESPN: Harper wants to be as big as a house!

Federal Baseball: Brings us some rumors about the Nats possibly making some more moves over the next 40 days.

It was a Bryce Harper type day in the baseball world and that is alright by me. Harper is a huge piece to the success of the Nationals in 2014. Without him the Nationals could struggle. Let’s hope that added on weight helps a little big when he goes running into walls and diving into bases in 2014.

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