Adam LaRoche: Hunting This Offseason

After a miserable 2013 season for Adam LaRoche, he needs a turn-around season in 2014 if he wants to be brought back in 2015. Well, he has other things on his mind at this point of the offseason as he went hunting. A lot of players like to hunt to get away from the game for a little while right before things start to heat up in February, and LaRoche is no different.

Adam LaRoche took hunting to the next level with this pic…

adam laroche

LaRoche shot a mountain lion with a bow and then, just casually throws it over his shoulders to take a picture. It is uncertain where this pic and the killing of the mountain lion took place, but is sure to let us know that it is legal to hunt mountain lions in multiple states.

Hopefully this season LaRoche can hunt down some extra base hits and get back to a great season at the plate. It may not seem like it, but he is huge to the success of the Nationals as a whole.

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