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The Washington Nationals have seven players heading to arbitration if they don’t make a quick deal before the deadline tonight. That is because the Nats and Ross Detwiler struck a deal late last night for $3 million for a one year. That is a raise from 2012. You can read about that here.

In other news…

Federal Baseball: Ryan Zimmerman has good feeling about 2014…

Call to the Pen: Owners Approve Instant Replay

Washington Post: Nats Fest, List of Players to attend

Masahiro Tanaka has yet to make a decision on where he is going to be playing next season, but some reports say the Cubs could be the high bidder at this point. If so he could end up facing the Nationals sometime in 2014, which will be fun to watch none the less. Once he signs the floodgates will open and multiple players will begin to sign. I don’t expect the Nats to get any of the big names, but I didn’t think the Nats would get Doug Fister either, so anything is possible.

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