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The Washington Nationals had a very busy day yesterday including five deals being made throughout the morning and afternoon. Here are each of the links.

Jordan Zimmermann Signs Two-Year Deal 

Ian Desmond Signs Two-Year Deal

Jerry Blevins Signs One-Year Deal

Wilson Ramos Signs One-Year Deal

Drew Storen Signs One-Year Deal

That leaves Doug Fister and Tyler Clippard without deals and they have a month until they have to meet with an arbitrator. The money figures have been shared with each other and now each with try to find a meeting point and make a deal.

Federal Baseball: Nationals and Doug Fister Exchange Figures

Tyler Clippard asks for $6.35 million, Nats offer $4.45

Federal Baseball: MLB’s Jim Callis Talks About Matt Skole

As you can see the Nats got a lot done yesterday. Some were good deals, some not so much. It just depends how you look at things and if you are a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person. Take it as you wish, but almost every piece of the puzzle is in the box for 2014.

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