A Much Needed Day Off


Before you all furiously contact the webmaster for the Washington Nationals, I just want to let you know that the blank spot on the calendar today is not an omission.  I repeat, the blank date on the schedule is not a mistake.  I figured I’d let you all know to avoid you from going out and getting your eyes checked because for the first time since the All Star break, the Washington Nationals will not be listed in the nightly scores.  25 days.  25 games.  Ridiculous isn’t it?  How many of you would quit your job if you were forced to work more than three weeks without a break?  Heck, my job isn’t even that hard and I know I would.  Lucky for us Nats fans however, the home team isn’t planning on calling it quits any time soon in the midst of the team’s longest winning streak since 2005.  Instead they’ll enjoy their much needed day off and hope to jump right back into things on Tuesday night in Atlanta.  Or so we hope.

The Nationals haven’t exactly played their best baseball when given extra time to prepare.  I don’t know if they get complacent or if they simply just get rusty but on games following a day off, Washington is a miserable 2-11.  Not exactly the kind of trend you want when you’re riding an eight game winning streak.  Hopefully the team doesn’t forget how to swing the bats and can give John Lannan the run support needed to earn his ninth win of the season.

Sorry for the seemingly rushed and useless entry but it is after all, a day off.  Maybe I’ll think of something worthwhile to write later.