Building a team player-by-player


Everyone remembers the beginning of the second Mighty Ducks movie when they skate around town quacking as they round up all the players of the team. I’m not sure if Mike Rizzo knows how to roller blade but he is definitely running around town enlisting the pieces the Nats will need to be a contender in 2010.

A little more than a week ago Pudge Rodriguez joined the Nationals bringing some new optimism to the team. A veteran catcher with a proven track record that will hopefully bring talent and more importantly, leadership for what is considered to be a fairly young team.

On Monday the Washington Post proved the rumors true as it is now official; Jason Marquis has also joined the team. The right handed pitcher who most recently played for the Rockies will be joining for a two year $15 million contract.

Although, Scott Olsen re-signed with the team yesterday, his recent shoulder surgery still puts into question whether he will play, and a strong opener like Marquis is needed.

We will be sure to hear more about this tomorrow as the news conference announcing Marquis signing is Tuesday afternoon.