Let it snow…


It may not be gone but at least some of the snow on, around and in Nationals Park is starting to melt.  On Friday, the first and what could be the biggest snow storm of 2009 slammed the nation’s capital. Schools were closed and everything came to a virtual stand still from North Carolina up to New England. The Washington Nationals have totally been ignoring the storm as they have been working around the clock.  On Tuesday the team held a news conference properly announcing the signing of Jason Marquis.

Last year Marquis pitched with a 4.04 ERA, the third best of his ten year career, and will hopefully fill the void of a strong starting pitcher.

During the conference, Marquis explained his decision based on the progress he’s seen recently with the Nats and their drive to move forward during the 2010 season.

Check out what else Marquis had to say here.

It’s going to be a few more months before the field sees its last bit of snow, but when it clears in April the Nationals will be a little more ready.