Two potential closers in question


It’s a few minutes past 7:30 pm as I write this, and less than an hour ago MLB writer William Ladson confirmed reliever Matt Capps is not a National. As of now, the pitcher is still on the fence between the Chicago Cubs and the Nats.

Capps has spent the last five years pitching for the Pirates, ending his ’09 season with a 5.8 ERA. Doesn’t seem to say much but the team has high hopes for the right-hander.

Rumors are also questioning whether the team is trying to pick up reliever Eddie Guardado. According to multiple sources the team wants to use him in the same way they plan to use recently acquired catcher Pudge Rodriguez, as a veteran of the game that will mentor the up and coming team.

Guardado has been in the majors for 17 years playing mainly for Minnesota, without a doubt he is seasoned and pitched with a 4.46 ERA last year.

The question remains who will they get?

Both will work, but in the model Mike Rizzo seems to be building I have to say if given the option Guardado is the better choice. Capps may prove to be a better asset in the 2010 season but Guardado’s experience will be seen on the time for a few years to come.

Of course it would work great if they can pick up both.