The 25 Man Rundown- Many Rants A’ Comin


Every week, in an attempt to figure whose headed up and who could be headed down, I’ll give my ranking of the Nationals major league roster.

”The Franchise”

1. Stephen Strasburg- Hasn’t even had 20 professional starts yet. I’m sure these struggles are just an aberration.

2. Ryan Zimmerman- Really Charlie Manuel? Omar fu**ing Infante?

”Trade Chips”

3. Adam Dunn- Should only be traded for major league ready talent.

4. Josh Willingham- Ditto.

5. Matt Capps- I don’t know that many contenders see him as a closer.

6. Cristian Guzman- He’s a good player, but he’s expendable.

”Building Blocks”

7. Drew Storen- Might be the Nats best rookie pitcher.

8. Nyjer Morgan- Good to see he was taught how to bunt, finally.

9. Roger Bernadina– Should be playing everyday.

”The Elderly and Productive”

10. Miguel Batista- Why don’t they let him start?

11. Livan Hernandez- Continues to put up solid outings.

12. Pudge Rodriguez- Could win the Gold Glove.

”The Bench”

13. Doug Slaten- Is being used strictly against lefties.

14. Sean Burnett- It’s not pretty but he gets guys out and can go more than 1 inning.

15. Joel Peralta- Has proved he belongs in the big leagues.

16. Alberto Gonzalez- Riggleman played the hot hand at short while he could but Albertos just a back-up.

”Struggling Young Guys”

17. Tyler Clippard– Someone should tell him he throws hard.

18. Ian Desmond- He’ll get it. I hope.

19. Mike Morse- If Charlie Manuel was going to pick a bench player for the All-Star team- why didn’t he pick Morse?

”They Make Me Throw Things”

20. Willie Harris- Cut him.

21. Wil Nieves- If he wasn’t a Catcher he’d be bagging groceries.

22. Craig Stammen- Can’t wait for Ross Detwiler to be back.

23. J.D. Martin- Can’t wait for Chen-Ming Wang to be back.

24. Luis Atilano- Can’t wait for Scott Olson to be back.

”I Hate You.”

25. Adam Kennedy- Deserves what rapists get in prison.