The 25, err 33 Man Rundown- The 1st Half Review


Every week, in an attempt to figure whose headed up and who could be headed down, I’ll give my ranking of the Nationals major league roster.

The Untouchables

1. Stephen Strasburg– Has been as good as advertised, making every 5th day a celebration.

2. Ryan Zimmerman- Just keeps plugging away and is probably the least appreciated star in baseball.

The Trade Chips

3. Adam Dunn- Even though his contracts up, we could get 2 major league ready players in this power deficient market.

4. Josh Willingham- I’d rather not see him traded, but with a year left until free agency he’s got a ton of value.

5. Matt Capps- He’s been great this year, but we have relievers.

They’re Worth More to Us Than to You

6. Livan Hernandez– 22nd in baseball in IP is the highest by any National by far. Trading him would kill the bullpen.

7. Pudge Rodriguez- He continues to hit, isn’t wearing down, and might be the best coach the team has.

Solid Young Roleplayers

8. Tyler Clippard- Already over 5o innings this year, might be skipped over by Storen if Capps is traded.

9. Drew Storen- I’d take him over Aaron Crow anytime.

10. Roger Bernadina- Will be the starter in RF or CF for years to come.

11. Mike Morse- When he’s not in the lineup I throw things.

12. Sean Burnett- Gets guys out and can pitch to either side.

13. Doug Slaten- Ditto.

14. Luis Atilano- Atleast he’s trying. Could be the long man.

Trade em if you can

15. Miguel Batista- Could help a contender as the long man.

16. Nyjer Morgan- Trade him, Bernadina goes to CF, Morse to RF.

17. Cristian Guzman- He’s replaceable and shouldn’t be back next year.

This is why we’re in last place

18. Ian Desmond- He’s stopped hitting, not a good combo with the 666 errors this year.

19. J.D. Martin- He throws strikes and does little else.

20. Alberto Gonzalez- Had the game of his life against Atlanta and has done little else.

21. Joel Peralta- Impressive so far but I’m going to have to see more.

22. Craig  Stammen- Cut him.

23. Wil Nieves- Best skill- Owns a catchers mitt.

24. Willie Harris- Useless

Hurt or Minors

25. John Lannan- What the hell happened to him?

26. Scott Olson- Looks disturbing like Eminem.

27. Tyler Walker- Should be back soon.

28. Justin Maxwell- Has been passed by Bernadina/Morse.

29. Jason Marquis- A complete waste of money.

3o. Matt Chico- He could surprise in the 2nd half.

31. Jesse English- Repetitive with Burnett/Slaten around.

32. Carlos Maldonaldo- Norris is knocking on the AAA door.


33. Adam Kennedy- Guh.