Big Bag O’ Suck- The 25 Man Rundown


Every week, in an attempt to figure whose headed up and who could be headed down, I’ll give my ranking of the Nationals major league roster.

The Reasons to Keep Watching

1. Stephen Strasburg- Big test for him this week vs Atlanta and Philly.

2. Ryan Zimmerman- The race to .300 begins.

3. Adam Dunn- Big week for him.

4. Josh Willingham- Screw Dunn, sign this guy long-term.

5. Matt Capps- If the Nats don’t want to give him 6-7mil in arbitration he’s gone by Saturday.

6. Mike Morse- After everyone of his hits he should yell ”Suck It!” at Rigglemen.

7. Drew Storen- He has to be the closer if Capps is traded.

8. Roger Bernadina- Should be playing everyday.

9. Ian Desmond- Ditto

10. Tyler Clippard- Over his post- Allstar break struggles.

11. Nyjer Morgan– Appears to have a clue now.

Old Men

12. Cristian Guzman– Would he really block a trade to a contender?

13. Livan Hernandez- Nice CG the other night.

14. Pudge Rodriguez- Is starting to resemble Gary Coleman at the plate.

15. Joel Peralta- Has earned himself a bigger role.

Who Knows?

16. Sean Burnett- Still can’t get lefties out.

17. Ross Detwiler- Way to put your best D out there today Rigs.

18. Collin Balester– We myswell let him hang around.

19. Doug Slaten- Has been awful recently and could be sent down.

Who Cares?

20. Alberto Gonzalez- Tiniest. 1st Basemen. Evah!

21. Miguel Batista- Lost whatever bit of mojo he had earlier this season.

22. Craig Stammen- He’s Fu*king Terrible.

23. Willie Harris- Resembles Flavor Flav.

24. Wil Nieves- In possession of a catchers mitt.

When Does Football Season Start?

25. Adam Kennedy- I throw at his head when playing video games.