Are Dunn’s Days in DC Just About Done?


Reports out of Detroit say that power hitting first baseman and fan favorite Adam Dunn is in serious talks with the Tigers and could sign soon…..

Personally I am one of the people that still feel that the Nationals should have made sure he was back in DC next season and wearing a Nationals uniform.  I have heard all the knocks against him and I’ve listened to the constant discussion and pointing out of what he does wrong but for me the good outweighs the bad with Dunn.

So what exactly will the Nats be losing if Dunn leaves town? A player who is a lock to knock in almost 40 home runs and over 100 rbi’s every season and lets be honest bats like that are hard to find.

Dunn is one of the most consistent power hitters in baseball, fans love him and he is popular amongst his teammates and provides them with a good presence in the clubhouse. There is a reason that Ryan Zimmerman on more than one occasion made it known that he considered resigning Dunn to be one of the Nats biggest priorities and needs headed in to this off season. Dunn provides protection in the lineup for Zimmerman and anyone else that bats around Dunn. The runs he helps generate are greater than the amount he gives up with his defense.

Reports say that some in the organization are not happy with Dunn’s defense which granted is not the best but at the same time his deficiencies in the field are being overblown.  It was his first full season at first base and in my opinion he improved as the season went on. Plus lets be honest first base is known for having some not so great fielders who are still considered top players because of what they can do with their bat.

Washington has Espinosa at second who is a potential future gold glove winner and has amazing range that could help hide some of Dunn’s flaws as a fielder. So to be honest I don’t see the issue of Dunn’s glove being that big and I’d sign him up for 3 or 4 more years. At the least it will give the fans something to cheer for until some of the prospects like Harper are ready to come up and Washington is closer to contending for the playoffs.

Dunn leaving would hurt more than it would help…