Is Adam LaRoche coming to Washington?


With possible Nats target Carlos Pena having reportedly signed with the Chicago Cubs all eyes are now focused on free agent Adam LaRoche as a possible candidate to replace Adam Dunn at first base for the Nats.

LaRoche would provide a big upgrade defensively for the Nationals at first base and while he is nowhere near the power hitter that Dunn is he is at least a consistent 20 to 30 home run guy. LaRoche has hit 20 or more home runs in each of the last 6 seasons averaging 24.6 home runs per season over that span.

So while he may not replace the overall stats or protection in the order that Dunn gave the Nationals they could definitely do worse as far as free agent pickups go at first base. Personally I think it would be a good signing for the Nats if they manage to pull it off. With already having signed Werth adding LaRoche would give them some flexibility as to what they can do with not only their lineup but with potential trades as well.

So will the Nats make their second significant free agent signing of the off season? Well here is what Adam LaRoche had to say about the Nationals

"“In the next few days, we are going to start some conversations with the Nationals. If we come on the same page, I would definitely have interest in playing for them.”"

He also went on to say the following about the Washington Nationals and their signing of Jayson Werth

"“I think it shows how serious the Nationals are about getting the organization back on track and becoming a contender in the National League East,”"

So from the sound of things it definitely sounds like the possibility is there that we soon could be hearing that the Nationals have signed Adam LaRoche.

How do you Nationals fans feel about the possibility of the Nats signing LaRoche?

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