Cliff Lee: Big Brother Beat Down!


Every now and then, Big Brother has to stop playing around and set little brother straight with a right cross to the jaw. Call it tough love, and that is what the Philadelphia Phillies did earlier this week when they signed Cliff Lee. Not sure if most saw this one coming, but the Phillies just loaded their pitching staff to an unprecedented status. Championships are won with  talented pitchers more times than not, as seen with the San Francisco Giants this past season. The Jayson Werth signing was a big splash upon the free agency market for the Washington Nationals, but acquiring Cliff Lee the Phillies blasted the entire NL East back to the Stone Age.

The Phillies won the 2008 World Series, and have appeared in two of the last three. They have been in championship contention for the last five years, but previously they had been an inconsistent team only making a playoff run every now and then. The Phillies have suddenly become the Atlanta Braves, and should dominate the NL East for at least the next five years. I find myself asking why are the Phillies dominant, and in control of the National League. I look at the fan base and have discovered a possible answer. The Yankees and Red Sox have such a strong fan base that they will see a return on the investment in the free agent market from their fans. Philadelphia has now joined this rank as their fan base will pack the opposition’s stadium eliminating any home field advantage and spend the money. Phillies’ Fans called the Florida Marlins ticket office and purchased unused tickets at face value from Roy Halladay’s perfect game several days after the historic accomplishment. They have proved themselves worthy and the team’s ownership has rewarded these loyal fans with a National League Dynasty.

Philadelphia’s management and ownership are obviously confident that their fan base will support them, so they are going to do what it takes to keep winning championships. The Cliff Lee contract shows the impact the fans can have on the general manager and ownership. Nats Town we need to learn from the Phillies and start showing up at the ball park. If we come, they will build it. Season ticket holders sport your Nationals Jersey, and let’s make some noise when we have runners in scoring position. The most important thing Nats’ fans we must organize our fan base, so make Teddy Never Wins your home page. Teddy Never Wins will lead way building  this new empire and someone will blog an article similar to this one about how their fans need to be more like the Nationals’ fans.

The great thing about the Phillies beating down the Nationals in 2011 is that it will only make us stronger. Until that day when the Nationals become the toughest around, we will take our punishment and learn what it takes to win championships. Let’s start supporting our team no matter the weather and sustain the Rizzo affect. I promise if the fans show strong support a Nationals dynasty is not far from reality. The question remains do we want to be a part of something special.

Congratulations to the Phillies and their fans for landing Cliff Lee for the next five years.