Nats still eyeing Derrek Lee to replace Dunn


With the departure of Adam Dunn this off season it left the Nationals with a big hole to fill at first base and as of now it has still gone unfilled. Recent reports though say Derrek Lee is the guy the Nats want and with their emphasis going in to the off season being improve defensively its a move that sort of makes sense if it is just for a season or two.

The 2 time all star and 3 time gold glove winner would definitely provide the Nats with the upgrade defensively that they are looking for at first base. Only problem is Lee will be turning 36 before the season is over so while he is still good now time will eventually catch up with him and take over. So the deal would only make sense if the Nats sign him to a one or two year deal just to fill in until they feel someone like Mike Morse, Chris Marrero or Tyler Moore is ready to take over.

Lee definitely will not replace what Dunn was able to do with his bat but he should be able to give them around 20 or so home runs and drive in 70 or more runs this season. In 2010 he had a stat line of

148 games- 80 runs, 35 doubles, 19 home runs, 80 rbis, .260 avg, .347 obp, .428 slg

If he can stay healthy I would expect for him to put up similar numbers to what he did in 2010 and might even see a couple more home runs added to his 2010 total. Like I said though he is no Adam Dunn but he would do for a season or two. Now what is said to be what attracts the Nats to him the most is his glove

Lee had a 2010 UZR/150 of 2.3
Dunn had a 2010 UZR/150 of -3.3

What UZR stands for is Ultimate Zone Rating and it is used to show how many runs above or below a fielder is defensively per 150 games. Lee is definitely an upgrade for the Nats defensively.

Anything longer than a season or maybe two at the most in my opinion would be a bad signing for the Nationals. But for the right price and a one or two year deal it could end up being a good signing for the Nationals if they make the move and sign him.