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Larry Dinger: Section 129


Larry Dinger works as an usher for the Washington Nationals, and he keeps an eye over Section 129. The thirty year old veteran has been working with the Nationals for the past four seasons, and enjoys handing out the promotional gifts to  fans at the centerfield gates. Larry knows all the tricks folks, so please be respectful and keep from the shenanigans. I was fortunate enough to interview him to get the perspective of a fan/usher about the Nationals.

Frank: Who is your favorite player on the Nationals?

Larry: Nyjer Morgan

Frank: Who is your favorite coach on the staff?

Larry: Coach McCatty and Jim Riggleman

Frank: What do you like best about being an usher at Nats Town?

Larry: Giving the promotional gifts away by the centerfield gates

Frank: Which president do you cheer for during the race?

Larry: Abe Lincoln

Frank: Why NOT Teddy?

Larry: He always loses!

Frank: What is the most important aspect of your job?

Larry: Protect the fans! Make sure that they are safe especially when a player is batting.

Frank: What has been the best move for the Nationals so far?

Larry: Keeping most of the coaches aboard especially Coach McCatty!

Frank: If you could get one dream player unconditionally, who would you take to play for the Nationals?

Larry: Ryan Howard

Frank: What is the best thing to eat at Nats Town?

Larry: Pizza and a Coke

Frank: What is your favorite time of the ball game?

Larry: The seventh inning stretch

Frank: What excites you the most about next season?

Larry: I’ll be at the ballpark

Frank: What are those cards the ushers use?

Larry: They are signals. Green means go. Yellow means there has been an injury and assistance is needed.

Frank: Who is your favorite pitcher?

Larry: Jordan Zimmerman

Frank: What is the number rule for fans at Nats Town?


Frank: What is your opinion on the signing of Jayson Werth?

Larry: I think he is a great player! He will do great for the Nationals.

Frank: Who should start is centerfield next season?


Frank: Who should the Nats get from free agency to be a starting pitcher?

Larry: We have plenty of pitchers. We need a first baseman.

Frank: How is Mike Rizzo in comparison to Jim Bowden?

Larry: I think Rizzo is doing a fine job. He took Jayson Werth from the Phillies.

Frank: Which is your favorite bobblehead?


Frank: What is the best way to get to the ball park?

Larry: The Metro.

Frank: Will the Nats win more or less than 69 games next season?

Larry: MORE!

Frank: Where will the Nationals finish in their division for 2011?

Larry: The Nats will finish 1st, Marlins 2nd, Braves 3rd, Mets 4th, Phillies last.

Frank: Do you feel the umpires were biased against the Nationals last season?

Larry: Yes! Especially Joe West. He was making bad calls and ejecting people. The league should eject him.

Larry will be back in action next season again in section 129, and you will definitely see him at the centerfield gate on promotional days. We like Larry’s insight here at Teddy Never Wins, so look for his report from section 129 throughout the season.