Derrek Lee looking for at least $8 million

By Editorial Staff

Ken Rosenthal of has reported that the word from baseball executives is that Lee is looking for a deal worth around 8 to 10 million and has expressed a willingness to sign a 1 year offer.

Question is at going on 36 years old is Lee worth $8 million? and the answer is………

It depends on the length of the contract if they are able to sign him to a one year deal at 8 million I would not have a problem with them signing him. Now if it were for multiple years at $8 million a year that is when things start to get a little bit questionable because his 2010 numbers could be showing that age is kicking in and he will soon rapidly decline at the plate.

.260 batting average last season was his lowest since 1999
.347 on base percentage last season was his lowest since 2001
.428 slugging percentage last season was his lowest since 1999

I don’t think he will have a huge fall off this season so I can see a one year deal during which the Nationals need to start prepping his replacement for 2012 and there is already 3 guys I would consider possible candidates for that job

Michael Morse- already in the majors and would need to move from outfield to first
Chris Marrero- still in the minors but they love his bat and he just needs work on his fielding
Tyler Moore- still in the minors and was the Carolina League MVP in 2010

So for 1 year I would say good signing and for 2 years I would say ok but not too good and anything longer well I would not even think about doing it.

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