Washington Nationals have ties to Southern Maryland Bluecrabs


John Halama, Damian Jackson, and Ryan Speier have something in common about their professional baseball careers. They have all spent time with both the Washington Nationals and Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.

John Halama was with the Washington Nationals back in 2005, and was part of the inaugural season bringing back baseball to Washington DC. He is a left handed pitcher who appeared in 10 games starting 3 of them that year. He finished with a 0-3 record, 4.64 ERA, and a WHIP of 1.45. He spent three seasons on the roster with the Blue Crabs from 2008-2010. John’s best season with the Blue Crabs was back in 2009, when he sported an 8-1 record, 4 CG, and an ERA of 1.96. He also had one CGSHO back in his 2008 campaign with the Blue Crabs.

Damian Jackson spent the 2006 season on the roster with the Washington Nationals, and he played in 67 games that season. He struggled at the plate and on the bases with a .198 AVG and 1 SB in 4 attempts. Jackson hit 4 HRs as well, but his lack of performance did not keep him a roster spot for the following season. He landed in the Atlantic League for the 2008 season, and played 2 games with Blue Crabs.

Ryan Speier was on the roster for the 2010 Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, and was just signed to a minor league contract for the 2011 season by the Washington Nationals. He is a right handed pitcher, who has posted a winning career record with the Colorado Rockies at 7-3 and a 3.99 career ERA.

The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs play in the Atlantic League, which is an independent league with no major league team affiliation. They play at the Regency Furniture Stadium located at 11765 St. Linus Drive in Waldorf, MD 20602. The Blue Crabs host fun family events throughout the year as well as deliver a great minor league baseball experience during the season. This past December 18th the Blue Crabs hosted a Christmas holiday event that offered a breakfast, pictures with Santa, and pictures with their mascot Pinch. For information on tickets or special events, contact Matt Ammerman mammerman@somdbluecrabs.com.