Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!!


Being that it is Christmas day I’m guessing many wont be online right now but for those that are Merry Christmas.

Now just to keep in the theme of this site my Christmas wish list for the Nats…..

1. Finally announce the signing of a first baseman for next season within the next week

They have already made it pretty clear that next seasons first baseman will not be anyone already in the Nats organization so who will it be? is it LaRoche? is it Lee? I want to know

2. Announce the signing of at least a decent starting pitcher within the next week or so

They talked about it going in to the off season, they have rumored to have been interested in just about decent free agent starting pitcher out there yet other than resigning Wang they have not signed a starting pitcher.

Webb is still out there and so is Pavano as well as a couple others so lets get it done.

3. Bryce Harper play well in the minors as well with the Nats if he gets a late season call up

Everything I saw from him so far makes me feel that this kid is the real deal and for the sake of the Nats I really hope he is.

4. At least a 75 wins season this year

They had 69 wins last year so a 6 game improvement is not too much to ask for in my opinion. I felt like getting greedy and saying a 81 win season but this is a team building for the future so I can accept small steps.

5. Ryan Zimmerman win a gold glove, a silver slugger and be named to the all star team

For the record Zimmerman is my favorite current player in baseball.

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