Bryce Harper: Hype or Real Deal


Over the years baseball has had its share of draft picks that have been a complete bust, but mostly this occurs from reading stat lines without watching these players. Harper has not faced major league pitching, but he has developed hitting skills that most players don’t develop until a few years in the league. Lets remember that he is still a teenager, and I believe he is ready to hit major league pitching now. He is relentless in his practice and preparation toward the game, and this is a common habit of the great players. This kid is a winner and he hit the upper deck in his first batting practice!

He keeps his hands back and has excellent pitch recognition. The one unique thing about his swing is the power generation from jumping off his back foot. He is quite efficient with his swing which allows him to wait longer. This will make him a tougher out, and he will wear out the opposing pitcher. Other players are going to develop as hitters from learning from Bryce’s stroke. Again the Nationals have obtained another finished product, so lets not screw his bat up.

Harper will need to work on the defense as he was primarily a catcher, and he will need time to prepare to play outfield in the major leagues. I feel that he can impact this lineup late in the season during September call up. Harper could achieve what Espinoza did last season, which will stir the excitement for 2012.

Harper is scheduled to start for the Hagerstown Suns, and play his first home game for the Suns on April 15th, 2011. Tickets are availble now, but the minimum ticket purchase is a seven game package.