Natstown Nation: The Rough Rider


The Natstown Nation will be the name of the legion of fans that support the Nationals rain or shine, but the Rough Riders are the special forces version of the fan base that take the following to the next level. The Rough Riders were the 1st volunteer United States Calvary that became famous from their conquests during the Spanish American War, and one of the leaders of this outfit was none other than Theodore Roosevelt. Our version of the Rough Riders will lead in the support of Nationals, as the group will have viewing parties, tailgating, and road trips.

The Rough Riders will wear the home jersey of the Nationals with he number 1 and Rough Rider on the back. The road jerseys will be available in March, so keep checking this site for updates. The growth of the Nationals fan base will be the variable that maintains this franchise’s position in Washington. The past franchises left mostly because the fan support was as dismal as the team’s performance. There are claims of hardship but there has been no movie, documentary, or book about the Washington teams leaving. When the Colts left Baltimore lives were crushed and people sought therapy. Washington did not appear to miss baseball, so we must work to keep it. Our strong support will drive this team to championships.

TNW looks forward to the New Year and the 2011 baseball season, so to everyone out that supporting this site and the Washington Nationals, THANK YOU!



82 WINS 2011!