Former Expo F.P. Santangelo to join Nats broadcast team


MASN and the Nationals search for a full time analyst is finally over as F.P. Santangelo will be taking over the spot made vacant by the September 1st firing of Rob Dibble.

Santangelo played in 665 games over over 7 seasons having hit for 21 home runs, 162 rbis and .245 batting average. He will probably be best remembered as an Expo where he spent 4 of his 7 seasons playing and for his versatility as a fielder having played games second base, third base, shortstop and every one of the three outfield positions.

Some may also remember Santangelo as one of the players named in the Mitchell Report on steroids. After being named Santangelo openly admitted to the usage of HGH causing some media outlets to praise him as some sort of hero for admitting to which he responded by saying  “I did something absolutely wrong. I shouldn’t be made a hero. I made a bad decision against everything I believe.”

He has said on several occasions that all total he used for what would amount to 4 weeks while trying to deal with setbacks and struggles in the healing of process of injuries in 1998 and 2000 as to why he used. Saying that at the time he was faced with the decision of compromising his beliefs or sticking to them and watching his career end. He chose to take the route of trying to prolong his career.

Since being named Santangelo has taken an apologetic route of behavior and has spoken publicly against the usage of performance enhancing drugs.

Santangelo post playing days have been spent as a radio personality on KNBR Radio in San Francisco where he was the host of Sportsphone 680 as well as doing fill in work for San Francisco Giants games. While working for KNBR radio he became a fan favorite for his knowledge and insightful commentary that comes from having played at the pro level. It is this knowledge of the game that he brings that may make him a successful color analyst with the Washington Nationals

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