Update From Section 129

By Editorial Staff

Larry Dinger is back to answer more questions and he is awaiting the 2011 season so he can get back to work for the Nationals. He is an usher who works in section 129, so have your ticket ready while always respecting the other fans in the ball park. Larry will enjoy his upcoming vacation by visiting Florida and watching a few spring training games at Space Coast Stadium. He plans to report back what he feels the Nats have improved on in the off season and let us know of any developments. Here is what Larry had to say earlier today:

Frank:  What’s going on Larry?

Larry:  SPRING TRAINING! I am going down to see some games in Florida during the 2nd week of March. I will see the Nationals play the Mets, Astros, Yankees, and Tigers.

Frank: Who should this year’s bobble-heads be?

Larry: Adam LaRoche, Jayson Werth, & Ryan Zimmerman

Frank: What do you think about Livan Hernandez starting on opening day?

Larry: Great idea. The Nats will win big on opening day this year.

Frank: What is fun about spring training?

Larry: Space Coast Stadium is a great place to watch baseball and the food there is excellent. I am looking forward to watching a lot of baseball.

Frank: Who is your least favorite umpire?

Larry: Joe West. He makes terrible calls and always ejects people.

Frank: Are the Nationals a better team now than last season?

Larry: Yes. They will be a better team this year.

Frank: Who is the break out player going to be in 2011?

Larry: Jayson Werth will have a great season.

Frank: Will the Nationals hit more HRs or steal more bases?

Larry: Hit more HRs!

Frank: Does Teddy win this year?

Larry: NO! Teddy will never win! I’m for Abe Lincoln! Teddy will never win cause that’s the way it is. Sorry pal.

Frank: Now a lot of talk radio programs were discussing the different sports franchises’ fans yesterday. The issue was the outrageous behavior of some fans that leads to violence and vandalism. You are on the front lines and see a lot of MLB fans, so how would you rate the NL East fan base? Start with the best to worst.

Larry:  1st Nationals fans, 2nd Braves fans, 3rd Mets fans, 4th Philles fans, 5th Marlins fans

Frank: Describe proper conduct at the ball park.

Larry: Enjoy the game without being rude and offensive toward someone, and most definitely do not become physically violent with another fan.

Thank you Larry. You have a great time in Florida and we will get an update in March.